Your complete extension for D365 functionalities.

Productive Process

Enhance your Microsoft D365 capabilities with our solutions and improve your overall process productivity

Designed for D365

Experience higher level interactions with Microsoft D365 in one unique environment

Customer Profiling

Understand customer behavior to improve your sales performance by setting your own automated rules for customer engagement

Trustworthy ERP Management

Have accurate product information available in real time for your internal and external audiences.

Functional Advantage

Recognized by Microsoft as a genuine solution, e4Dynamics combines all the functionalities of our e4Commerce, e4Product and e4Integrate in one solution designed for deep interaction with your Microsoft D365, elevating its technological capabilities to a higher level. Extend your Microsoft D365 functionalities with our products and have complete control of your customer engagement and commerce channels in a unique and dynamic environment.


  • Ready for Microsoft D365, so you benefit from faster implementation.

  • Extends solutions to the cloud and delivers a high-performance environment.


  • Consolidates and updates your data where all internal and external users can have access.

  • Manage all your third party systems in one place and connect to Microsoft D365 with our integration tools.


  • Friendly interface for ease of management of all your information.

  • Customized interface provides an exclusive experience to your internal and external users.


  • Understand your customer behaviors and needs, let marketing work with precise analytics.

  • Have access to all touchpoints during the customer decision process and get all required information to improve your sales process performance.

  • Make your product information visible, unique and updated by connecting our PIM to your Microsoft D365.


  • Map and share customer profiles with Microsoft D365 to provide your marketing and product design teams a better overview of your market.

  • Personalize your customer experience within our eCommerce platform and enhance the chance of success.

  • Fast and accurate method to consolidate information related to your business from your third-party solutions.

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