Evenica is an independent software vendor and system integrator developing e-commerce solutions for brands that envision the most demanding and sophisticated digital experiences. A Microsoft Gold Partner recognized as the longest tenured and most experienced e-commerce partner in the Microsoft ecosystem. 


Evenica was founded in 2014 by Mike Bolton and Sadek Ali after two decades of technology and e-commerce experience led to an undeniable quench for innovation. They wanted to create a company that delivered exceptional customer service and was tenacious enough to solve even the most complex e-commerce challenges. Above all, Mike and Sadek wanted to create a work environment that allowed employees to have freedom of expression and the courage to seek out unique e-commerce solutions.  


Evenica relies on over 20 years of experience and a perfected methodology to provide direct and quick e-commerce implementation. We’re able to give our customers ‘white glove’ concierge services to ensure business value is optimally achieved. Our culture of earnest is a shared success with our customers, and we employ staff that are forward thinkers who actively seek creative solutions. We’re able to offer high value services through honed efficiencies, deep experience and our own portfolio of respected software. 

Our Esteemed Clients

Microsoft Alliance

Through an uncompromising commitment to our customers’ success, Evenica is widely recognized as one of the most experienced e-commerce partners within the Microsoft channel. Evenica approaches partnerships with an end goal of providing exceptional customer experiences and driving mutual growth. We utilize each other’s strong technical capabilities to complement our individual strengths. We believe that long-term alignment with our partners is the engine to innovation and growth. 

Partner of the Year Finalist

Evenica is honoured to be named a finalist for the Dynamics 365 Commerce 2022 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award. This award recognizes partners that excel at providing innovative and unique customer solutions centered on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce. 

Meet Our Leadership Team

SADEK ALI – CEO & Co-Founder

“Technology is relentless. So are we.”

Sadek walks the talk. As CEO, he leads by serving the team, customers, partners and the community at large. He believes that a culture that fosters alignment, coordination and excellence are the foundations to an inclusive and creative workplace. 

His passions have driven him over the past 25 years to seek out leadership roles at early stage IT companies that inspired him. His work has helped shape advances in search, advertising, content management, finance, online games, wearable computing, medical devices and security. He completed his PhD in Industrial Engineering where he studied the complex cognitive processes people use to absorb answers as information from dense, structured data. In the past, his inventions have been patented and he has numerous publications in prestigious international journals. 

In 2014, he partnered with co-founder Mike Bolton, a long time friend and collaborator, to form Evenica. Their vision was to build an e-commerce tech company that sought high impact, rapid time-to-value solutions for businesses committed to long-term growth. As they explored the state-of-the-art, it became clear to them that Microsoft is the defining force today for modern cloud and commerce. Evenica’s mission is to unlock the powerful potential of the Microsoft cloud for commerce through creative insight, a dedication to service and a commitment to technology that just works. As he says, ‘we go the extra mile’ to delight businesses and consumers worldwide with exceptional e-commerce experiences. 

JAMES BOLTON – Chief Operating Officer

“We pride ourselves working with innovative brands that are committed to providing outstanding experiences to their customers”

Jim’s indisputable strength is solving complex problems with innovative ideas. He has a well-respected background in environmental and chemical engineering, where his passion for confronting pressing environmental issues led to him start a number of successful enterprises. His involvement in developing water treatment technology, patents and driving policy change became a catalyst that piqued his interest in the speed of innovation within digital technology. 

Drawn to the possibility that digital technology could improve the human condition, Jim joined Evenica with the goal of empowering people to collaborate within an organization and work towards ambitious vision.  His ability to flex and pivot in order to map out creative pathways to an end goal is his strength. Building on a consensus model Jim ‘looks for business arrangements where everyone wins’. He is always looking for ways to execute projects faster with less friction and more accuracy. 

JACK PUZIO – Director of Professional Services

“We are passionate about our clients. Their success is our success.”

With nearly a decade of experience managing all aspects of e-commerce projects, Jack’s best known for his commitment to client success. Brands consider him an ally because of his ability to promote clear lines of communication and always have their best interest at heart.  

For Jack, transparency is a paramount part of that communication equation as he believes it is important to inform clients about challenges in order to empower their decisions going forward. He’s tenacious in his efforts to help clients achieve their goals, and always says ‘never say never. Anything’s possible. We will find a way’. 

HOSSEIN ALAMI – Director of IT & DevOps

“We encourage a culture of nurturing and growth as well as great communication across the company.” 

Hossein believes that a software company spans across all of its departments to achieve its goals. He believes that communication, adhesion to strict guidelines and processes, as well as resourcefulness, attention to detail and great problem solving mindsets are all key features that a good software company must embrace and hold. 

Over the past two decades this shift in IT culture has evolved into a robust set of methodologies, mindsets, tools, processes and services that span across any software company. Evenica’s IT OPS teams are ready to help our partners and customers meet these complex and dynamic IT challenges and Hossein is here to help guide the IT OPS teams through it. 

CASEY SHEA – Vice President of Business Development

“Creativity is encouraged and there’s an overwhelming sense of joy and pride in everything we do!”

Casey is an evangelist for digital transformation. With over 10 years’ experience in Microsoft Dynamics, he’s one of the most recognizable names in North America within the Microsoft channel and a four-time recipient of the Microsoft Dynamics Retail Partner award. From start-up to enterprise, as a leader, Casey had led his teams to achieve over 300% revenue growth by leveraging authenticity and a growth mindset to establish a corporate culture of integrity and inclusion.    

As VP of Business Development, Casey’s deep business acumen, experience and ability to listen guides brands to a commerce solution that ensures an exceptional buying experience for end customers. Being immersed in Microsoft enterprise cloud has enabled Casey to turn sophisticated use cases and value propositions into understandable actions that unlock value at every stage of the transformation journey. With an impressive record as a Microsoft advocate, Casey is instrumental in strengthening our Microsoft alliance and further establishing Evenica as the leader of e-commerce evolution. 

Recognized For Our Rapid Growth

Evenica was presented the Deloitte Technology Fast 50TM program award in 2020 for our rapid  revenue growth, entrepreneurial spirit and bold innovation. The program recognizes technology companies with the highest revenue-growth percentage over the past four years.  Evenica earned this recognition with 420% revenue growth from 2016 and 2019.

Innovative Experiences Start With Evenica

Evenica supports brands by providing the most demanding and sophisticated digital experiences through e-commerce solutions.