Innovative Digital Commerce Experiences

With decades of e-commerce mastery under our belt, Evenica is the premiere Microsoft Gold Partner to lead your e-commerce implementation and evolution. Our proven methodology ensures a rapid turnaround and adaptable e-commerce strategy that grows with your needs.

We demonstrate an authentic level of care for our customers and their success. We value long-term partnerships, where we can become integrated members of our customers’ teams to maximize results and benefits. Evenica encourages smart independence and permits freedom of creativity and exploration from our staff, which leads to high value innovation. 

The Evolution of E-commerce

Evenica recognizes that your brand will evolve through many e-commerce phases. Increasing consumer expectations for rewarding experiences within the increasingly sophisticated technology landscape requires a tenured e-commerce partner that can go far beyond the point and click deployment. Through each phase of your e-commerce evolution, Evenica is able to inspire, lead and implement solutions –  we become your trusted e-commerce partner that is equally vested in your long-term success as you are.

PHASE 1: Inspired Practitioner

Who You Are

The Inspired Practioner

You’re a brand with an established e-commerce platform, but you have ambitious goals to evolve your online brand presence.

What You Want

A Scalable Foundation

You want to go beyond e-commerce and your infrastructure must support your vision.

How You Evolve

Go Beyond E-commerce

The evolution of e-commerce requires an adaptable business strategy and an enterprise grade e-commerce solution that can grow with your needs.

Evenica Approach

E-commerce Implementation

Evenica’s refined e-commerce implementation methodology leveraging an enterprise platform such as Microsoft D365 Commerce or our own e4Commerce platform.

PHASE 2: Premium Seller

Who You Are

The Premium Seller

You’re a brand with a scalable e-commerce platform ready for intelligent automation.

What You Want


You want to embrace an integrated solution to make the buying experience frictionless and unified across customer touchpoints.

How You Evolve

Create A Seamless Selling Experience

Transition to seamless selling by automating business processes and connecting technology solutions.

Evenica Approach

E-commerce Integration

Leverage Evenica’s data integration experience and implement our automation platform – e4Integrate.

PHASE 3: Brand Builder

Who You Are

The Brand Builder

You’re a brand with a seamless digital commerce platform who wants to increase customer loyalty.

What You Want


You want to leverage e-commerce as a springboard for advertising, campaigns, promotions/events, articles, reviews and reputation management.

How You Evolve

Personalize The Selling Experience

Create a personalized e-commerce experience by leveraging customer insights and providing contextualized content.

Evenica Approach

Digital Experience

Personalize your digital channels using e4Engage – our digital experience platform.

PHASE 4: Market Leader

Who You Are

The Market Leader

You’re a brand that provides a personalized user experience and you want to accelerate your brand through an innovative total experience.

What You Want


You want to apply business acumen and data to form a unique digital experience that helps your brand become memorable.

How You Evolve

Become A Market Leader

Push the boundaries to truly differentiate your brand in an authentic and compelling way.

Evenica Approach

Total Experience

Utilize Evenica’s thought leadership and seasoned coders to develop a one-of-a-kind experience.